Perfect investment option just 30 kilometers from the center of Warsaw.

5 000 m²


15 980 300 PLN – 3 800 000 EUR – 4 500 000 USD

Purchase price of the investment plot

We offer a beautiful investment plot intended for the construction of a hotel and recreation complex.  Good quality roads connecting Warsaw and Serock are at close range. The location surrounded by forests, over the recreational heart of the region such as Zalew Zegrzyński waterfront  and Port Jadwisin yacht harbour, creates an extraordinary possibilities of using the natural beauty and significantly increases the value of the investment.

An additional advantage of the plot proposed for purchase is an existing infrastructure of a formerly extremely popular recreational center  and also a direct access to the yacht harbour  shoreline.

Property area is adjacent to the Zalew Zegrzyński waterfront  from the east and to the hotel and recreation complex from the north. The southern part of the plot borders about the Yacht Club and newly constructed district of semi detached houses. The western border is Wyzwolenia Street . Close neighborhood of the nature monuments, Jadwisin reserve and the well-known Szaniawski  gorge encourage walking.

30 km from Warsaw

Lot of greenery

Yacht Club

For customers, who are looking for a ready, attractive and proven idea for conducting a profitable business the location itself is a diamond of the Warsaw area with a long tourist tradition and unquestionable natural assets. Progressing urbanization practically exhausted the stock of such places. Land prices in some locations has increased repeatedly over the several years. We propose an investment plan allowing you to achieve stable profits based on independent expert valuations.

On our plot there are two hotel buildings that need further renovation or may be leveled for the new construction purposes. Dozbud Development will offer all possible assistance to level old hotel buildings, construct new hotel and obtain all necessary state permissions.

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Monika Gorecka


tel. +48 601 929 999